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GET THE "BATTERY TENDER" BRAND. They really do make great stuff.

I have one of their cheap $30 chargers, and one of their $100 "shop" chargers. I have yet to find another charger that will bring a dead battery back like the shop charger will. And the best part is that it is stupid proof :) You can leave it hooked up backwards all day and it will not hurt anything.

Highly recommended.

You know if you ride like most people do a battery will last a year or two, but if you use a battery tender and levae it plugge din every second your bike is not being ridden it can make the battery last 5 years!! True!!

Aside from the money savings, it's just nice to be able to hope on and ride away, rather than hearing that sickening sound of the relay clicking...
It's true, they really do pay for themselves in the life they add to your battery.

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