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I just talked to my local dealer who plays straight with me. He said they were coming soon. They usually come earlier then the full liter bikes... I wouldn't be suprised to see one sooner then later.

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argibson said:
I know, but I want to get one as soon as they come in to get it ready for race season next year over the winter. Anybody with ideas?
Do what I did...

Goto your dealer, give them a deposit...As soon as it get there, go get it...

Even if it comes in Feb, Road America isn't until Late April, so you should have plenty of time to get it race ready...It only takes a day to mount bodywork, swich out exhaust, clip-ons, etc. etc.

A 4&6 Build, and Computrack may take a two weeks or so...Plenty of time...

My dealer said early to mid Feburary...I would be suprised if it is any sooner...

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looking like almost msrp anywhere you go lets say there wont be as many

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In southern Cali, the best i found was $10,100 OTD. Basically, it's MSRP plus tax and licence (no other fees).

I heard a rumor that the production numbers are low so there may not be enough to go around (but they always say that). Either way, put a deposit down so they know your serious.

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mxracer95 said:
2.9% state tax, that's it? Can I register one using your address for a few months so I can save $500 in sales tax?
That's a little misleading. I should point out that if I were to get it registered I'd have to pay county and city tax as well. All in all it comes out to about 6.7 percent. However, if you just use it as a track bitch, there's no point in getting it registered.


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BLUE99 said:
Here in CO, the best price I can find is $8799 for the raven or $8999 for the anniversary.
Holy sheot. :scared Damn, I paid $8999 for my '03 R1 new off the showroom floor in Jan of '03. :fact Prices are getting insane.
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