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Best place to purchase 09-12 R1 upper & headlight conversion?

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I'm curious to where the cheapest place to get the kit from new? I was going to just put the 09 bodywork back on the front of my white/red R1, but after screwing around with crappy eBay sellers I'm going to just spend the cash for the conversion.

Here's what I believe I need.

1.) 2012 Upper Fairing in OEM "bluish white" color
2.) 2012 headlight
3.) 2009 "R1" logo for the upper cowl.
4.) any wires or plugs needed for the conversion.

Are the windscreens the same for both the 09-11 and the 12+?

If you guys don't mind post up prices and locations of places you have used yourself or know of.

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1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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