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Best place to purchase 09-12 R1 upper & headlight conversion?

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I'm curious to where the cheapest place to get the kit from new? I was going to just put the 09 bodywork back on the front of my white/red R1, but after screwing around with crappy eBay sellers I'm going to just spend the cash for the conversion.

Here's what I believe I need.

1.) 2012 Upper Fairing in OEM "bluish white" color
2.) 2012 headlight
3.) 2009 "R1" logo for the upper cowl.
4.) any wires or plugs needed for the conversion.

Are the windscreens the same for both the 09-11 and the 12+?

If you guys don't mind post up prices and locations of places you have used yourself or know of.

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Yea I think he had the Yamaha blue set, I need the white 09 set. Good looking out though, I appreciate it.
Thanks for all the help guys. It's official, I'm joining the club. Thanks to Nick at Hats Off Motorsports for helping me out.
$535 shipped
well im thinking about doing this conversion since my 10' front end hit a rock this weekend:scared
Do it, you won't regret it. Talk with Nick from Hats off Motorsports ( http://www.hatsoffmotorsports.com/ ) and get the parts from him. Best price I could find and I'm an eBay and google searching son of a b*.

Make sure to also pick up an extra set of 09-11 corner light connectors, either off the forum (from someone with a busted 09-11 headlight) or order the whole corner light connector if you can get them cheap enough as you will need to take a tiny tiny flat head screw driver to release the positive and negative wires from the 12-13 headlight and plug them into the 09-11 connector, so you can hook them directly into you 09-11 wire harness for a factory quality connection and hook up.

Very easy to do. Just look inside the connector once you get everything and you'll see a little black piece that you need to push down with the tiny flat head to release the wire from the connector. Then before hooking it into the 09-11 connector you picked up, look where the positive and negative wires need to go in relation to the other end of the plug on the bike so you don't get them crossed once connected or you will get it all done and nothing will happen.

You will also need to make sure to keep you air temp sensor from your 09-11 headlight or if your planing on selling your 09-11 headlight make sure to order another air temp sensor as I don't think it comes with the conversion package from Nick. If I was you I'd just remember to take it off of your 09-11 headlight, then sell that headlight to someone on the forum or eBay, and put the air sensor in your 12-13 headlight when you get it.

Hope that helps.

If you need an ear for advice when your doing it, you can PM me and I will give you a call.
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Before the conversion: (Bike was backed into at Mellow Mushroom)

After Conversion:

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I think it looks better but the newer upper is thinner than the first version.

Looks great Stober, glad you got it back 100% after that dirtbag backed into you. Weren't you going to meet your wife/daughter when that happened?
Thanks brother. Yea I had been out for an afternoon ride and then I met my wife and kid at mellow mushroom for lunch. We were sitting on the front patio, I never heard it get knocked over and by the time we finished eating and walked around the building it had been laying on its side for at least 15-20 minutes.

Sickening feeling for sure. I'm almost lost my lunch when I realized someone had backed into it. At first, I thought I had done something wrong when parking, but the 6-8 inch kickstand gouge in the asphalt and the shattered front fender made it certain that someone had backed into it and drove off. Bastards!
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