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what do you guys think of having a dunlop sportmax front with a dunlop qualifier rear they are both 208 series so would that cause any problems or should i stick with a sportmax rear and change BOTH tires to the quals? im runnin a 120/70/17 front and a 190/50/17 rear? thx for the input:butt

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I would change both....(someone may correct me on this one --- I believe the old-school dunlop 208 to have less grip than the newer qualifiers... even though the qualifiers replaced the 208's)

Me personally, I wouldn't like my front tire to be the tire with less grip. (i.e. you will lose the front end, before the back end breaks loose....)

If anything.... I would run the tire with the most grip on the front.

I like the Michellin Pilot Power 2ct Front, with a Pilot Power normal on the rear combo....

Though --- I realize your question is more a tire profile question, rather than a grip question....but, if you are worried about how quick the turn-in is on your bike... then you probably should be concerned with the amount of grip it has also.
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