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It's been a while since I've been here, but I need some advice please.

My 1989 XT600 needed some work so I took it to a local mechanic. I had him replace the tires, battery, check the charging system, fix an oil leak (gasket), oil change, and replace the chain roller guides (requires removing the swing arm). The bike started up just fine before I brought it to that shop. I just moved to an apartment and don't have any tools or garage.

Two weeks later when I go to pick up my bike (last night), I had my girlfriend pay him and pick up my key because his shop hours are only during my work hours. After I got off work last night I went to pick up the bike but it wouldn't kick start at all. I tried for 30 minutes. I even went to the gas station and bought a canister and put a gallon of gas into it with no luck. So, I left the bike there and hid the key.

This morning, I got an email from him saying he doesn't know why its not starting but he said he started it twice, once for the oil change and once to check the charging system, but both times he had a difficult time starting it. I asked if he test drove it after the repairs and he said no. He is suggesting that its not starting because there is no muffler (it fell off months ago and I don't care to replace it). That comment alone makes me wonder how knowledgeable he is, or if he is just trying not to find out what's wrong with it. I can tell he's somewhat putting this off, and before I do anything or demand anything, I want to know what the law is on this and what my options are. Some advice would be appreciated.
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