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Okay here is the scenerio. I was playing around with my settings for my shift light....etc etc. (2003)

Basically turning the key on several times without starting it. Then I went to start it and I couldn't get it to start. I tried a few times but nothing. I didn't want to wear the battery down so I stopped trying.

Do I just let it sit then try and start it ? How long should I let it sit for ?

I waited for like an hour but nothing !:dunno

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If it is/was flooded ( don't remember the exact proper way to do this) put your bike on its side stand, (Don't remember if you put it in gear or not) but rotate the rear tire BACKWARDS atleast 3 full rotations, and the bike will normally start up if flooded. I think the bike has to be in gear, oh, and you will have to take it out of gear or put up the side stand to get it started also.


worked on older carb'd bikes anyway!
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