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Actually I just found this this AM. Wow....lot of thought into this one Eric. :crash

PS..........When did I bash anyone?? :dunno

When did I trash talk?? :dunno

I didn't care for the Dragon other than early in the AM when I did go to my 1st two conventions do to it being quiet for us slow guys. I never called anyone from the convention a racer wannabie. There are plenty of them down there in the busy months. :fact

I simply noticed a fewer number of people in pics at night and asked a simple question. :fact

Just because I discovered a better time of year to go for me a couple years ago and I simply asked a question if attendance was down doesn't translate to bashing and trashing. :fact

Sounds to me like over sensitive people getting defensive by a simple statement and a question. :fact

I am nobody remember, I'm not "One of the Boys" and I sure am not So Fast So Clean so what do you care if I start going down at a different time?? :dunno :confused:

I hope you continue to enjoy your trips for years to come. :thumbup
I only responded after being called out as to where I was. :fact

The said posts that this thread is refering to named nobody, stated a simple observation of numbers of people in pics and the fact that I had found a time of year that seemed better for me to ride there. :fact

I didn't dish anything out to cause this thread.......I asked a question and stated a fact which resulted in this?? :confused: :dundun:
C'mon Bog, wipe the sand out. I can fill a thread with the little quips you have made to me and others in fun. Not to mention some infractions a long the way. I never whined and got all emo over it. It's all in fun. If you can't take it as such, I am sorry.

As far as the past versus now, the latest little picking/smart ass comment you made to me was just before the convention when I was picking on Shawn about his Duc and rattly clutch. Remember? Where you said it was no louder than the rocks in my head? That was less than a month ago. Did I get all bent out of shape?

No one here is out to get you. You aren't a victim. No one feels sorry for you. And no one cares if you are fast or slow. It's about a brotherhood of decent people who share a common interest. If you have forgotten that brotherhood and turned your back on it, that is not our fault. That is your choice. :fact

I could make a day of posting all the times you have made a joke of another person and its all fun and games(I could just look at all the infractions you handed out during your days as a moderator), but as soon as someone makes you the butt of a joke you get all defensive....you need thicker skin.
True THAT! :fact

The way I look at it is if someone is picking on me, most likely they like me at least a little. I know I wouldn't waste MY time picking on someone I didn't like.

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I miss BP being the top poster... ah the pics he used to post... :epimp:
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