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Bottomed out front suspension help?

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I have a 2020 R1. Hit a pretty big pothole broke the front wheel, bottomed out the front legs and twisted the alignment to the right.

Looking for advice on what to do with the fork legs and upper and lower triple tree. Inspect and Rebuild? Or just replace everything? Thanks in advance for the time and help everyone.


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The forks might just be twisted in triples but everything can be loosened up and put back.
might also be a good time to clean and grease steering head bearings
i could only imagine what that felt like on your wrists馃槼馃槼
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Honestly I鈥檇 put a new wheel on and change the fork oil or just service the forks.
you鈥檇 be amazed at how good today鈥檚 suspension is. Dealer isn鈥檛 going to be able to find anything other than a leaky for seal.
Id do some research before you change the original head bearings from ball to taper.
The feel is very different and I believe the top teams in racing still use the ball type for that same reason.
I鈥檝e used Jack stands on my frame saver guards to hold up front end complete on my 03 Gsxr1000 before.
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Sweet thanks man. Makes me feel better about the whole deal. Definitely gonna do the service. Will look more into the bearings. All the videos I see on servicing the triple tree bearings, everyone always changes to tapered. Just assumed they were the better option. Lol but I saw it on YouTube so it has to be true right lol. And yes modern suspension is amazing for as bad as the wheel is I didn't hardly feel it except where it bottomed out and that part was "hardly felt it" part. Also been watching alot of Dave moss stuff good resources. Thanks again for the time Jimmyboy. Keep that rubber side down my guy.
You鈥檙e welcome Patrick.
let us know how it all turns out.
im glad you weren鈥檛 running carbon wheels!
Yeah Dave moss knows his sh$t
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