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Brand new 2023 R1 flashed will not turn over?

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After flashing the bike's setting were not able to be changed (though they could be scrolled through left to right, Mode, PWR, SCS ect. were all stuck in their setting prior to flash), and the fuel pump would no longer prime. Bike will crank, but will not turn over. Attempted a push start just to see if Icould get it to turn over, but no luck, but to be fair the attempt was half-hearted since no fuel pump action.

Bike was attempted to be returned to stock using the woolich tuner as well, but with no change to the aforementioned issues.

The flasher reattempted a flash 3-4 times with no change, though I was not present during those flashes. Brought it to a dealer but they said the only thing they can do is replace the fuel pump, and cannot bring the ECU back to stock themselves, they'd have to order a whole new one (which currently could take forever to obtain).

Any idea's if it might be worth my while to obtain the woolich hardware and re-flash myself or if the ECU might just be dealer locked?
Should I just bite the bullet and pay out for a new ECU?
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so all the flashing was done by a shop/tuner? and it was strictly woolich?

did you happen to fire up the bike while it didn't have a servo buddy? thats one thing that usually causes the settings lockout issue. supposedly all that stuff can be disabled but we've already heard too many times of that stuff being hit or miss. someones bike gets a flash and the pair system is off.. or wait it actually isn't.. gets flashed and the exhaust servos are disabled.. or no wait, they're actually not.. etc.

at the risk of sounding dense, did whoever flashed it try clearing everything before flashing it back to stock again? not being present for their attempted fixes is kind of an issue. you don't KNOW what they did/didn't do unless seen with your own eyes. trust but verify and how can you verify if your ass wasn't standing there..

at this point you have no reason to buy a new ecu or fuel pump. you have no reason to think either of those are bad, theres just some screwiness with the flash itself. hit the reset button on everything hard, confirm no trouble codes blahblah and flash it back to stock yourself.. then if that doesn't work, perhaps send it to moore's as his is a known working flash (woolich) or just hassle that shop you went to for your money back then buy the btmoto stuff?
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Bike was only flashed by the one tuner, always with woolich.
The bike was completely stock, was having the initial flash done before redoing the exhaust and air filter + additionals...

My good friend who has had multiple bikes flashed by the tuner was there when the re-flashes were attempted, but from myself and my friend I do not believe he blanked the ECU before reflashing to stock.

Sounds like that could have been an issue with it, I'll get the tools myself and retry it, knew I should've to begin with lol.

I did already get my money back, that's the first thing I did on my way out the door. The re-flashes were a free-of-charge attempt at righting the err with no success.
Well don’t buy a fuel pump. It’s obvious the ecu has an issue. You may be at the point of no return and flashing with another product has no downside. Good luck.
Sounds (reads) like the ecu "brick'd"

Order a new 1

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CRAP I just typed in a whole story not logged in then logged in and it's gone... well I wanted to at least chime in real quick before I have to get going to say in short Brentune unlocked mine, I will relay my story later have to go right now..
Wanted to try the woolich, so I had it flashed from brentune to woolich, I didn’t like the tune, I like Bren better so I flashed it back to bren with the same flash as before and I could not access any settings in the dash, it would do anything, but my bike would start and run. At this point I went to another tuner to have him flash it back to woolich, but with his custom tune and later we dyno my bike and really set it up good. Well it would not work, it would write but same thing, no dash. He took the ECU and bench flashed it, same result. So now he had another and we plugged that into my bike, started right up and full dash working, so I bought that ECU from him.

Now I’m thinking I could call Bren and see if I can get them to help me out with ECU 1, after a few failed attempts, and they had another local with the same issue, they got me up and going again. Now I’m all happy I have 2 tunes I can run and do a track day comparison!
Go to the track, run a few sessions on ECU 1 that Bren helped me fix… running great.
Now plug in the Woolich ECU 2 that was working perfectly fine, I did nothing but take it out of the bike and plug in ECU 1….. well it no longer works now, no dash….. so now I’m thinking it may have wiped out the ECU 1, so plugged the ECU 1 Bren back in, and it still works fine. Right now I have a spare ECU with a woolich flash that doesn’t work right, so I would really like to know if you get yours working.
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You flash back to stock before you load the new tune?
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