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I hate to sell these but I have had some things change and the money means more to me then the rotors right now.

Heres the story, a few months ago I purchased a used pair of these rotors. They were from the original batch but had a lot of miles on them and since there were no problems with them I figuired they would not suffer from the problem that some of the original ones did. Well after using them about a month and absolutely loving them I made a panic stop and I got the dreaded problem. I contacted braketech and Jeff the owner was awsome. He replaced them with brand new of the lastest generation rotors with a full warrenty and I had him put new buttons on. The only part that was not replaced was the carrier, but that is a no wear item.

So what I am selling is the essentially new rotors. I just got them back today and have not mounted them on my bike since they were replaced. Meaning the rotor surface is BRAND NEW. Included is installation instructions and stickers.

These rotors are incredable. One of the stock rotors weigh 3 lbs 4 oz these each weigh 1 lb 6 oz. Thats a savings of almost 4 lbs from your wheels. You can feel it in the dynamics of the bike much like lighter aftermarket wheels. The stoping power is greatly increased over stock with a strong initial bite. The power is strong but easy to modulate. Unlike most every other high performance brake rotor they work just as well when they are cold so you have great brakes from the first stop to the last. They are without a doubt the ultimate brake rotor.

I will buy another pair when things settle down for me and if these don't sell I wont be heartbroken. I am asking $1700 including shipping. These rotors retail for $2400 so it is a considerable savings. Any ???? feel free to ask.

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