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Please look at the attached picture.

I was putting my brake system back together after changing to new copper plates to better seal the system so it won't leak oil (doesn't right now.. so atleast that worked)... and when I was done.. i found THAT. The plastics were broken. I don' t know how it happened! :rolleyes:

It has a bit of carbon-look to it.. I don't know if that's standard or not. But where can I find new plastics?

What is the cost? Maybe someone have this part that you can send my way?

I'm :cryin over my own stupidity. !!! I don't need more expenses !!!

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try this www.powersportspro.com . you need to register then use their parts fish to look up the part # that you need. It looks like the part you need is referred to on the fich titled cowling (b). It is listed as a console, $63.09. I am going to order the one for the right side after I am done with this.

Hope this helps.
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