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Like a lot of r1 around 50,000 Kms, the magnets of my rotor dropped ... and therefore ended up in the engine. I removed the casing in order to recover the largest of the pieces and to clean the suction strainer of the oil pump. Then I ordered a new rotor (new generation) and a new stator on eBay and replaced the two bearings. After having reassembled everything, I was ridden with the motorcycle for 50km. There is an engine noise (probably a piece of magnet stuck somewhere) which increases according to the engine speed. I then drained and I reinstalled the stator and the rotor. And surprise, the rotor rubbed against the stator, on 1cm, which used the rotor ... Has anyone ever had this problem? The engine noise does not come from the because I turned the bike without the stator and the noise is still there.
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