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After seeing a few Buyer/Seller feedback threads go south extremely quickly, I thought it might be best to post a thread dedicated on the expectations of the community in regard to feedback given. A few points to think about before you decide to post a negative feedback. Remember, being a difficult buyer will make you less able to scoop good deals here. Everyone wants this place to run smoothly, do your part!

1. Have you contacted the seller and allowed them ample time to respond? In a situation where there is an issue, I would allow at least 48 and more like 72 hours to pass before you take punitive action.

2. Did you allow the other party the chance to make it right? Unless you give the other party the opportunity to make it right, they can't remedy the situation.

3. Did you do your due diligence? Go back through all your correspondence to ensure you didn't miss something. This includes all PM's, texts and the original ad. Something as small as a transposed number or letter could prove disastrous in an online purchase.

4. Are your expectations too high? Are you expecting next day shipping for the price of UPS ground? Many times the seller will send a product USPS which can be either the fastest or slowest method known to man.

5. Do your homework in regard to customs and importation if the items are crossing a border. Several issues here have been due to the item getting caught up in customs for a considerable time.

6. Play nice. Being a total ass and calling someone out without hearing their side is guaranteed to sour the deal. You will get much better results with a serious chat over PM than you will after you post a negative feedback.

7. Feedback is serious, take it seriously. There are a bunch of good guys on here and some bad seeds do pop up every once in a long while. People's reputations are at stake in this thread. I know it's only a forum to some of you, but to many this is a second home. Their reputation means more to them than the 30 dollar part you bought from them. Allow them to make it right before you blast them.

8. Are you justified in posting poor feedback or do you have buyers remorse? If you entered into the deal and later found it not to be as good as you thought, That's not a reason to call someone out. Posting erroneous information will get you banned- Recent events have proven that. As will being a general asshat.

9. There are members here from all over the world. Ripping someone off might end up with a knock at your door. Use caution if your intentions here aren't noble.

10. If you paid with PayPal, you are covered. Most times the seller and buyer are both covered in case of fraud.

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Good write up on the 10 General Orders to buyer/seller etiquette.

Luckily, I haven't had any disputes on either end where negative feedback was necessary. Two main things I expect is good communication and good shipping/handling.

*Communication expected from a seller - Be prompt as possible with return messages via whatever method chosen. Give tracking number on date promised, or notify buyer why it's taking longer than expected to ship item. Sometimes item gets shipped, but the seller forgets to give the buyer tracking info. After 2-3 days or more the buyer begins to worry.

*Shipping/handling expected from a seller - Send the item as you would wish it to be received as if it were your own. If sending USPS at least get Delivery Confirmation ($0.70 I believe) so item can be tracked. Sometimes item is packaged in the cheapest way possible - box is old and easily crushed, box is too small for item, not enough packing material (peanuts, newspapers, etc.), or item put in a shipping envelope rather than a box, and things of that nature.

*Okay, a third concern is to be honest and descriptive in the details of the OP. Save the buyer from any surprises. What you see is what you get, but sometimes flaws can't be seen in pictures. One person's idea of excellent is different from another's.

To me those are expectations for a smooth transaction. Reasons for negative feedback would result from item never received, item not as described, item took weeks to ship with poor communication (if any), or nothing is done by the seller to fix the issue. Paypal will cover two of those and the others are for the seller to play his/her part.

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Good points from both of you. I've bought and sold many items here, other forums and on eBay and have only had one negative incident.

Two key things how I look at it:

1) Sales and purchases are reflective of the person. Both in whom they were before, and whom they are after. If they're a douchenozzle in their interactions on the forum, they most likely will be in a transaction. Therefore, be selective of whom you buy from or sell to. If you don't know, decide whether the possible hassle of a sale gone wrong is worth it.

2) Treat others as you'd want to be treated. Everything from well documented description of the item (including good, clear pictures), to communications both during and after the transaction and packaging. Remember, the transaction is a reflection of whom you are.

In today's economy, it's becoming far too common where people seem willing to rip off another. I'm seeing this all over the place: ebay, Craigslist, some forums, etc.

Caveat emptor.

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I made this a sticky... if you have something to add that is on the topic of feedback etiquette please feel free to post it up. :fact


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