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buying a dropped bike

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So right now I'm in the middle of purchasing an 07 r1. The bike was laid down on a track day due to water on the track. It has about 18k miles on it and nothing else seema to be wrong with it. Yhe right side is going to need all new fairings. But is there anything else I need to look or ask for when going to look at it?
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look over all the super expensive stuff. Frame, engine, suspension, etc.
Alright any big red flags I should be liking for that would kill the sale?
Cracked engine covers? Bent forks? Cracked subframe?
Fork seals, oil leaks, head bearings, engine cases, rim damage. A low side in the rain that stayed on the track is likely not a huge deal, but if it got off the track and started to tumble... Who knows...
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