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Yeah but you also get a motorcycle that's been set up properly by a former AMA champion and consultant to Ohlins. That HAS to be worth something. You're basically enlisting some of the best in the biz to build you a bike. One thing I've learned modifying bikes/cars, you always get what you pay for. Yep, damn expensive but if you can afford it, I'm sure it's worth the cost. I kept on thinking how the LE was half the cost and how we all thought that bike wasn't worth it. But the JJR is developed and set up to work at a much higher level than the LE and if CW is correct, it works as designed. It's easy to forget how much we all spend modifying our bikes. It's one reason I never whip out the calculator! Take that into consideration and the JJR doesn't seem that unreasonable. Car guys are even worse! I could have easily purchased a high end sports car like a new 911S or 06 Z06 for what I've spent on my rx7.
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