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Cali to WA ride questions

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Well I have decided to get a 02 R1 in Cali this summer [cheaper then WA, and I have business down there anyway]. Anyway I will be riding the bike back up to WA [1,251miles], I wanted to know if the R1 has any quarks with a trip like that? I probably will only stop for gas and food, so it will not get much cool down time. I could truck it up but since this will be my daily driver I want to give it a trial by fire.


*and yes I know the ride is going to suck [been there done that], Also what kind of mpg should I expect?
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man, thats a good haul. What part of California to what part of Washington?
SuperchargedRS said:
Palm Springs area of CA to the San Juan Islands of WA.
cool, how far is that from Port Angeles?
I have family up that way. Only thing that prevented me from moving up there a long time ago was all the damn rain you guys get:(

other than that, its the most beautiful area in the Country in my opinion
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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