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so i came home for the weekend, and went over to DGY motorsports to get some gloves, which they had none, wtf. but anyways when i pulled up i saw it. brand new, blue Campagna Trex. so i go inside and get dissapointed, wtf. so i start talking to one of the dealer guys and he takes a smoke break so we walk over to it, and its crazy cool. i personally think it is kinda ugly, but the concept is crazy cool. i think it would be better if it was a single seater, more and more like a F1 car, maybe with a turbo.

Anyways, i was talking to him about it, its $50,000.00 and in order to even get in it, you need to pay the deposit. i asked him how much, thinking $500, try $5,000 he says. and that is when i almost shit myself, i thought it was crazy, but he said it was worth every penny. 0-60 in 3.9, 0-100-0 in 12 and some change.

so anyways, im suprized that no one has started a race series for it, thats what i would do if i had the cash.


here it is..


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