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I know this isnt an anwser to your qestion
but I had the baffles removed from my bike and boy I wish i didnt do that...

you cant ride your bike any longer than an hour MAX or you'll substain heavy hearing damage...

it sounds sweet when you fly by other people and they all stare in amazement and the compliments you get... not to mention the nickname "Hollowman" :lol. I recieved that name upon signing the vehicle permet over to my name lol.

It also attracts a lot of unwanted attention form the lawenforcment agency... I've recieved many many many warnings and 2 tickets for $157.75...each

your choice my man,,, but I wish I just left my pipe alone...altho I can Kill just about any other 750 off the line becasue of the removal of the baffles :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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