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from http://www.samannasystems.com/faq.html

Q. I have heard that you can disconnect and remove the EXUP servomotor assembly and simply connect either a jumper-wire or a 7.5K ohm resistor between the black/red and the white/red wires from the R1 wire harness, which previously connected to the servomotor assembly. By doing so, this will then eliminate the tach diagnostic. Is this correct?
A. Yes it is, to a degree. Fitment of the 7.5K ohm resistor or jumper-wire as described above will eliminate the tach diagnostic for all conditions except for when,

1. The ignition key is in the 'ON' position and the engine is not running for a period of time greater than 12 seconds.
2. With engine idling, 'coasting' with the clutch lever pulled in.

We believe Sam's Servo Sub is superior to the 7.5K ohm resistor or jumper-wire because,

* Sam's Servo Sub eliminates the tach diagnostic under all conditions and does a superior job of simulating the servomotor assembly as compared to the 7.5K ohm resistor or jumper-wire. See Chart for technical detail.
* The voltage measured at the white/red wire when using the 7.5K ohm resistor or jumper-wire fluctuates by a proportionately large amount (see Chart) that indicates the Ignitor Unit is varying its servomotor output by a relatively large amount. This indicates that the Ignitor Unit is being kept busy with a larger portion of 'servo duties' as compared to 'ignition tasks' than does a system with either an EXUP servomotor assembly or Sam's Servo Sub. Bottom line... with the 7.5 K ohm resistor or jumper-wire, your Ignitor Unit is spending more than it's intended/designed time performing servo control rather than ignition duties... not good.
* Dyno data shows Sam's Servo Sub has an advantage of as much as 1.0 peak horsepower over the 7.5K ohm resistor, jumper-wire or even the original EXUP servomotor assembly!
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