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Can you tell by hearing?

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Alright can any of you guys tell the difference between bikes that were carbureted and fuel injected just by hearing them. I think that there is a difference in the engine sound as well. Its a dumb question but I just want to know.:)thanks guys

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yes for my R1's I can. And apparently so can others if i ride my 2000 someone always asks if I had motor work done when I pull up and I just tell them its a carbed bike with full exhaust
I can hear a difference. the FI bikes sound cleaner and more instant to me.

they also don't seem to drag on as long on decell as the carbed bikes do.

No mind you I dream of gapless piston rings and acheiving 265 PSI of cranking compression... I am not normal... LOL
true gear heads always can tell everything about the bike no lie. I'm just getting to the phase where i can distinguish different makes, brands, and displacement and I think its kinda cool.

Man thanks alot guys I was trying to prove a point with a freind that there is a differance but he must of thought I was crazy or something.:chair:Thanks again
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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