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Canadian new old stock R1's.

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I'm looking for a new 2013\2014 R1 at a Canadian dealership. I have not been able to find many dealerships advertising them and the ones who are, most seem to have them at almost original price. Just wondering if someone will be kind enough to point me towards a dealership who has a nicely discounted one.

Cheapest I've found advertised so far is a 2013 out of blackfoot.

As far as location, I don't care where in Canada it is.
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I've used Cycle Trader here in the states, but Im not sure it will work for Canada. How about: http://www.autotrader.ca/
2013/14 new r1

I just bought a new red and black 2013 r1 from Motorsports World in Ottawa last month for $11,999. Yamaha Canada had a $2200.00 rebate on it. It's -26 here right now! Come on spring:riding
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