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I asked for the Diablos and M1's from MotoInter here in Montreal.
I got this:

Pirelli Diablos

Metzeler M1's

Are Metzelers supposed to be more expensive?
I thought the Pirellis were the slightly better tire.

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Pirelli/Metzeler, can't really go wrong with either choice! As for the Pirelli's being the better tire..maybe, maybe not! If you asked 200 people this board that have actually ridden on both tires, you would probably get a 50/50 split on that question. I only ridden pirelli's on my old RZ back in the day so i cannot comment. As far as price goes...metzelers always do seem to come in a bit more pricey for some reason. Just remember that price is not always indicative of value or performance.


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What... I get my Pilot Sports for 200$ tax in and installed....


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If you don't shop around, or wait too long, you'll get raped on tire prices in Ontario. I got some Dunlop 208s last winter at McBrides for $375/pair; this year I'm picking up 2 pairs for $325/pair in Montreal at MotoInternationale.

The locals only go down to around $440/pair - not enough volume to compete, I guess.
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