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Hey guys, I just got a new explorer and had to take everything I had out of my old car. I had an assload of equiptment in there so here goes:

1- 12" Kicker Solo-baric square sub with custom sealed box.
1- 12" Kicker CompVR sub with sealed box.
1- Kicker ZR240 Amp (320 watt max, bridgeable)
1- Kicker ZX460 Amp (2 seperate amps first: 205 watts max, bridgeable. second: 215 watts max, also bridgeable)
1- Audiobahn A1300HCX amp with remote bass control (1300 watts max)

I had the audiobahn powering the solo-baric, the ZR powering the compVR, and the ZX powering both mids, and highs. My car hit 145 dB when I had it tested a couple months ago, and with ported boxes, could have easily hit 150 dB.

Email/PM me for pics and prices. Thanks all. Rob
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