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where is a good site or company for all carbon fiber parts for my 05 R1 so that the carbon fiber matches and its a good company so the product is quality
as long as you get the twill CF it will match from most distributors, and even mixing patterns doesn't look too bad if they are quality components :thumbup

I have a few CF bits on my old bike, mostly from two manufacturers-

1. Magical Racing (aka Moto-Works)- http://www.moto-works.jp/
2. Dynomite- http://www.dynomite.co.uk/Dynosite/HTMLfiles/home_fin.html

you can order the Magical Racing from forum sponsor MotoMummy now :sneaky

CleverWolf Racing also makes some good stuff- http://www.cwr.co.jp/index1.htm

Akro is also starting to make some nice CF parts- http://www.akrapovic-ai.si/index.php

heres a few of the CF on my bike :sneaky


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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