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carrying passenger helmets

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What are some of your techniques for carrying an extra passenger helmet above the passenger seat? I have a bungie net that i use, but its always wobbly.

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I use a backpack to carry an extra helmet if I'm on my way to pick up my passenger. I place the helmet in a helmet bag before stuffing it in the pack to keep that faceshield scratch-free. Alpinestars makes a backpack that was designed to carry a helmet. It looked pretty neat but I didn't spring for one!
If I carried a extra helmet I would hook it to the underside of the passenger seat. I would be afraid if I crashed with that thing on it might just help break my back :yesnod

I was wondering the same thing. :confused:

My old GIXXER used to have hooks under the pasenger seat. It was great for when I stopped some where and didn't want to bring my helmet in. I would just take the seat off, hook my helmet strap in, and put the seat back on. It was like it was locked. Nothing like that on the 02 though. :confused:

Anyone have any other suggestions?:confused:
your 02 does have a helmet lock under the passenger seat.
Every bike I've ever owned only had one helmet lock on the bike. I carry a kyrptonite cable lock that coils up when not in use. When I park I can hook it through the passenger's helmet chin bar and to part of the frame or subframe. Usually there's enough cable left where I can just place the helmet with the cable lock on the seat. You can also use a cable lock to run it through your riding coat's sleeve (if the cable's long enough) so you can shed your coat on a hot day when you're off the bike.
there are 4 plastic hooks under the rear cowl (seat) of the r1, you simply hook the metal strap portion of your helmet to the plastic hook which ever side you choose and voala!
My 98 has a Dussault tail, which eliminates the possibility of storing a helmet under the passenger seat. RaceRocketRider, where can I find that Alpinestars backpack? I thought I saw one reviewed in Motorcyclist or Cycleworld that had a mesh net for holding the helmet. Is that the one? Having a helmet where you can see it is more inviting.

I dug through my back issues of bike mags and I found the review of the Alpinestars backpack you mentioned! It was in the October 2001 issue of Motorcyclist. The model they tested was the Alpinestars Tech Pack. There is a "cargo net" that unzips from a compartment at the base of the pack. This net holds the helmet to the backpack via 5 rugged-looking plastic snap buckles. It also has chest and waist straps, padded back and shoulder straps and reflective piping. They called it "the coolest motorcycle backpack we've ever used". It was expensive at $139.95 but pretty neat looking. Dennis Kirk (www.denniskirk.com) is advertising the Tech Pack for $95.99, and I've seen it advertised by Chaparral Motorsports (www.chaparral-racing.com). I bet Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse (www.mawonline.com) and Competition Accessories (www.competitionaccessories.com) sell them also.

While searching for this article, I found a similar backpack for less money. This one was tested by Sport Rider in the February 2001 issue. It is made my Frank Thomas and is called the "Lid Lugger Max". While not as trick looking as the Alpinestars pack, they reported it held up well over 3 months of use and only cost $79.99. It uses three plastic clips to hold the helmet, which is in a soft nylon sack that protects the helmet's finish, in place. You can check it out at www.cyclegear.com.
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Let's see if the picture it attached......


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Here is a photo of the lid lugger....


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Good looking out, RRR. I've seen the Alpinestars for less than the listed price. www.motorcycle-superstore.com has some good deals. I'll probably go with that one. With an R1, there's no reason not to splurge.

I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again.
I have the AlpineStars Tech Bag, and I must say that it works quite well... The helmet is secured by 5 points on the backpack plus the bottom. It's kinda like a webbin that streches... Mind you, attaching the helmet does limit the amount of stuff you can use in the bag... I usually carry a sweater and a visor, and that was a pretty tight fit.... Other from that, it's a great bag... Has lots of reflective piping and very tuff...

4Play - If you really want to splurge, get the Dainese Multifunctional Pack... It's got the helmet holder, rain fly, and back protector all in one....
Thanks for the input. I think I'll go with the Alpinestars. The Dainese is cool, but I don't think that it's worth the money. The Alpinestars looks clean and gets good reviews.

The lack of space shouldn't be too much of a problem - it's only for a size small helmet, after all. We're going to end up at my place or her place anyway.
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