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Evening people
This may be along shot but im hoping for some advice/help with the above ive purchased cctv to look out for my home and bike
Problem im having is getting the ip camera to work on my home pc(i run windows 10] when i search the program.i use it jist doesnt pick up the camera at all(though it does work fine through my phone),if anyone could kindly help as to what i need to do to get this up and running would be very grateful

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What brand camera and are you using an NVR to record the video or just live streaming it?

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OP.. what brand camera.. is it a wifi cam, is that how you're loading it up on the phone?

do you have an NVR as mentioned above.? we use Hikvision at work, IP cameras or analog cam DVR's..
they have an app and remote access service which is pretty slick. If its a proper IP camera
the stream should be encrypted, so you need the ability to view the raw format. Some of
these are plug n' play but there's a tonne out there now so its really tough to say one way
or the other.

need details. sounds like it could be simple though.. if you're on the same network and are
trying to log into the camera through a browser, you are very likely missing the plug in required.
not all browsers work for all cameras, we've come across incompatibility issues here n' there.

also, some cams / software require you to forward ports etc.. we set a static ip for the NVR and
marry all camera's to it.. the cameras themselves hold their own ip address and the NVR, software
find them based on that.. So you need to activate the camera in most cases as they'll give you a
choice between saving recorded stream onto your pc or just dump it 'compressed' onto an SD or similar storage.

This is Hikvision's IVMS pc software.. it has come a long way. (not latest version showing, just random pic)

see above pic, those listed at the bottom are cameras, only two are activated.. see where it says Server Port? etc..
once your camera is setup if utilizing your browser you would not only require to access the actual ip address but
also tell the software which port to use for a secure connection, savvy? i'm not a wizard by any means, just lucky
enough to work for a Hikvision & Avigilon partner but i've also worked on FLIR NVR's here n' there :thumbup

you should look into specific details of said IP camera as you may be able to use something similar to SADP tool
to quickly configure access, password details, DHCP access, etc :dunno

@bacchus40 this is the guy you were hoping to find... he knows his shit! :yesnod
fixed it for yah :thumbup


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if you're gonna get a doorbell cam just get something proper... its been proven lately, wifi cams are EASY to hack

i hate wifi cams.. we run wires and call it a day, security company. Security is not our middle name, its what we do :yesnod

Aiphone, hardwired... hell look up the meaning of CCTV, it does not include wifi :no :lol

would be thieves with cheap technology can easily hack 'yo shit and monitor your 'hours'.. :dunno

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