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I have a 2007 r1 it has power commander, BMC filter, Coffmans shorty exaust, and a ecu flash. Just wondering what set up I should get?
What type of riding you do mostly do? If you do a lot of highway miles, a -1/+2 is going to substantially increase the rpm for a given cruising speed. Also, you'll be losing around 18 mph off your top speed.

Go to the Gearing Commander website, load your bike's stock data from the drop-down menu and play with different gear combinations to see what effect they will have.

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I -2/-1 = 3.07
-1/+2 = 3.06

-2/-1 will give you slighty better acceleration with smaller sprockets for less rotational mass.

Probably can't notice the difference anyway. I only discovered that set up because Driven does not make a bigger sprocket than 47 for Marchesini's and I didn't even notice a difference with -1 front only so don't waste your time.

Superbike Unlimited and Riders Discount are the main places I buy my stuff from.

I'd get Driven steel sprockets. I'd only use aluminum if I was racing for money and/or trophies.

I plan on getting a Ti front sprocket just because....and I hear the wear is great. I put nearly 10,000 miles on steel sprockets with no visual wear.

The sprokets will definitely out live the chain.
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