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Chain Care

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I am wondering how often I shoud clean and lube / lube only ? or if i should even ever lube only...

i figure i should lube it every 300 to 400 miles (right?) but should i clean it every time i lube it?

what do you do?

thanks guys
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SomeGuy said:
finally got to clean my chain...

found it pretty easy to spray an area of the chain down with WD40, hit it with a brush, then use a 50/50 or less mix of Simple Green and water in a spray bottle to blast away gunk... then blast that with another bottle with nothing but water, then move to next section of chain.... dryin right now...

gonna use chain wax for lube
I do the same except after cleaning with simple green I hit again with WD-40 since it's suppose to displace water, wipe it back down with a rag....
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