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This is a pretty basic/stupid question but I ask anyway; When I was about 16 years old (9-10 years ago) I worked at a bike shop in Stockholm, Sweden. I then talked to one of the employees and he told me that he always replaced the plastic on his new bikes with aftermarket kits. When the bike was going to be sold he just changed back and had almost a brand-new bike to sell.

Is this still something that is a common thing to do today, is it worth the money? (I don’t know if it was a common solution back then, but it seemed like there were people doing this to get more money out of the bike when selling it off.)

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It is a very good idea, if you do any track days it is an even better idea. I crashed at Assen a couple of months ago and had stock oem plastics on and it is costing me a fortune to replace the plastics.


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Hmm! That's a good idea. If he uses the bike on the track... I guess he does.. and then sell it off as "brand-new".. without telling to the buyer that the bike has gone on the track it's really not that nice.

A bike that has gone on track is not exactly in a perfect shape afterwards...!?

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I bought a set of original (black) plastic set for 3 800 SEK (380$), a crashed tank for 1 000 SEK (100$) and a couple of ram-sliders and dont pay full ensurance.
Only the insurance cost will save me about 12 000 SEK (1200 $), that´s if an accident happens.

My bike is ugly as hell but works fine round the track;)

And Swedie, about bikes that´s been "on the track", often, I´m NOT saing always, the owners of these bikes know their bikes and changes oil, filter, pads, etc. much more frequently than the regular owner. It´s a life-insurance that the bike is running well when pushing it on the track!
And by the way, the R1 is built for track and can take the abuse:D :D

Check the "used ads" on this forum, bikemagazines and get a set of cheap plastic!!
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