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changing gears without clutch

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Yep another hapless fool changing gears without clutch....
everything is sweet... however, how much abuse does this put on the clutch itself especially from 1st to 2nd ? and at 9000+ revs

Are quickshifters worth the dollaris ...

Also 1st gear wheelies are great but changing to second not as
successful.... i've hit neutral.... is it better to heave it in 2nd ?

Also whoever is responsible for this site we are indebted too you
it blows my mind ..... truly a beautiful thing

allright i'll shut up now ...laters.:crash
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if you do it right. None.

If you slip it in gear at the point where the rev's are just about to fall - slip the gear - then no pressure on the clutch or gearbox. Did it for years driving trucks and I never went thro a gearbox or a clutch

I have always found it easier for me to change gears using the clutch while wheeleing. I think is is much smoother than not using the clutch. Good luck to you either way you do it.:D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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