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Check my mods

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How do you like my hanger. Made it in the machine shop I work in all aluminum and black anodized used the short stalks, made it so I can take the blinkers off if I want. And put scotts damper and had the mount black anodized also.:cool:


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Hey Big Dog,
Which short stalks do you have in the front?
How do they fit in existing holes?
There the short stalk III, The front I made A plastic mount to put in the big hole.
What kind of plastic mount? Would the signals stay secure without?
I like flushmounts but I like your set up better for the benefit of oncoming traffic seeing your signals.
The holes to big for short stalks. I got some blue plastic form tap plastic and cut two pieces one goes on the out side in the shape of the hole the other goes on the in side. Then you just drill a hole for the blinker that’s it.:thumbup
Thanx for your info. Set of short stalks for the front coming up.
Big Dog that looks really neat and tidy! I like how you integrated the plate lights into the plate bracket.

That is without doubt the nicest I have seen:thumbup :yesnod :thumbup :yesnod :thumbup :yesnod
Top quality Big Dog, top quality
Nice looking bike you have , here is a picture of my
"00" R1 , probally the best one in Australia , fitted with ohlins damper, jet kit ,advance kit ,bmc airfilter, pirelli corsa tyres, the wheel have been powder coated white with a blue tint added :beer


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Very nice:thumbup Do you have a pic from the front? I wanna see what it looks like with the short stalks.
best looking fender eliminator ever seen ! must have it..

really great work...:thumbup

would u plz do a second one for me ? i will pay for it ...

people here would look at my r1 with wide opened eyes:confused:

plz contact me per email

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I checked out LP site. They have a front blinker kit that allows you to install short stalks in the front without any modification.
I mentioned in previous post, I like short stalk set up in the front for the benefit of oncoming traffic ability to see your turn signals.
saw this HUGE INDUSTRIES FRONT BLINKER KIT...but someone got some pics ? the pics there are not shown
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