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archer1 said:
WD-40 is for sissors! You want a clean chain lube that really won't fling off? Use Bel Ray's new formulation. It's white made from zink and it works. NO BS! I've ridden 36 years and 17 motorcycles and this is the first that stays where it's put. Really light oil and chemicals like WD-40 have no film strength and what doesn't fling off, evaporates.
that bel ray is the POOP!!! I have 20g on my RR's original chain iit works great ZERO sling off ..and I have no chain gurd either!
the chain wax will sling off on long high speed runs...it had its day in the sun back in the 90's...but each to his own...everyone has a fav...but it shouldn't be wd 40...unless you want it to wear out sooner
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