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clutch basket freeplay ?

On my 2012 (should be = 09-14), i just took out the clutch stack (to insert Graves kit ..), and tested the empty basket by shacking it / or moving side to side or up down.

It has some play and I was wondering what is the spec on the basket free play in these bikes? I never opened the clutch before, so i'm uncertain if mine has too much play. I was wondering if that play good explain the clutch rattling sound you get.

But i check the central nut seems tightened, and the lock washer is locked/bent lips. So it should not be loosed (but i haven't tested to the torque spec).

Someone with this knowledge please share, I also can post video trying to show how much play mine has (but a bit hard to see very well ...)


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Its normal, my '12's moves quite a bit too, as does my '06.
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