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Hey Guys,

I just started up my '01 today that I purchased a few weeks ago from a dealership. The bike was "brand new" with only 1500 KM on it. It was ridden one summer, barely, and then not ridden for a couple years. I have gone over it with a fine toothed comb and everything seems to be okay. There was one weird thing that occured though. When idleing in neutral the bike was very quiet, i pulled the clutch lever in toward the bar and there was a distinct mechanical rattle or slight rubbing from the clutch area. I would let the clutch lever back out and it would disappear!!

I have searched on the forum and many people have had the "opposite"experience which i have realized is normal. (noise when clutch lever out, noise gone when pulled into the bar)

I am thinking that the plates might be a bit dry from not being run for a couple of years and that the noise may subside with some riding time.

Any thoughts or common experiences??


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