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Clutch Problem?!?

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I have a prob with my bike at the minute....It'll go into first gear, pull away but when I kick it up into 2nd it will pull for a second then go into a neutral gear (with green light on the dash). It takes a lots of footwork to get it back into a gear that will pull, but when I change up again it pulls then goes into neutral again. Any suggestions???? It's a '99 model with 9500m on the clock.:eek:
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Have you raced that bike or have a previous owner raced it? Maybe used it for wheeling?

if you do really bad wheelies over and over again (with attempts to change gear during wheelie) it will most likely destroy your gearbox.

That's what the '98 and '99 models of the R1 is famous for, crashing gearboxes.

If you're lucky, you might only have to replace the friction plates...
Well... another thing it could be is your OIL.

Get some really good quality oil for your R1, I've heard Q8 (something...?) is really good.

When did you last change the oil?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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