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when I upshift I do not have any problems with my bike (2001), but sometimes when I try to downshift my clutch gets stuck (say i am in 4th gear and I try to go to third the clutch feels like I am in first trying to downshift) and I have to upshift and then downshift, sometimes that works sometimes it doesn't; when that doesn't work I have to take off in second or third gear because I won't get down to first.??

THANK U FOR YOUR HELP. (it's my first bike)

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re clutch not downshifting


first thing i would say is check that your clutch cable is adjusted correctly you should have no more than 4mm of free movement at the end of the clutch lever.

if you have more than 4mm free movement at the clutch lever you need to tighten the cable up with one of the two adjusters,the adjuster on the clutch lever is for final adjustment and the other adjuster is located nearest the clutch actuator arm on the right side of the motor,just below the oil filler cap.

use this to take up the majority of the slack at the lever if any and then fine tune with the lever mounted adjuster to set the clutch lever to have 3-4mm of free movement.

hope fully this should resolve your problem as a basic check but if not we would need a little more detail on the mileage of your bike the worst case could be a worn clutch basket causing the plates to lock up in the basket preventing them from releasing the clutch properly.

check the cable first then come back to us.



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I would check the spring on the stopper arm first
You have to take off the front sprocket cover, the gearchange mechanism and the gearchange mechanism cover.
Take out the shaft/arm assembly(noting how it fits),this is what your gearchange bolts on, and you will see the stopper arm and spring behind it.
Hopefully it is just that
Another thing to check is that all your linkage from the pedal to the gearbox moves freely......I know of one that was siezed and had the same probs you are describing.....took linkage off, cleaned and sprayed with lube...sorted
Hope yours is an easy fix
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