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My friends plz help, I was hitting a constant average of 145 mph on a hot day for a good 20 miles. Engine light came on, so slowed down and went home. A code 24 is on my dash. This means O2 sensor, do I replace it? Did I blow it out?..I got a power commander 5, Toce exhaust, M4 y pipe, block off plates...Rode thousands of miles with no issues or codes...2007 R1...Also heard I may not need it, so do I disconnect or just replace it?...Thanks any help appreciated .....

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Remove the O2 sensor..

When running a PC5 or similar you are recommended to disconnect/remove the stock O2 sensor, otherwise the A/F changes in the PC and the closed loop O2 regulation will/might fight each other..
I say might because there are tuners leaving the closed loop areas untouched in the PC map to let the ECU deal with it as intended but i think that's pretty rare..

Removing the O2 sensor shouldn't throw any fault code.
Meaning you shouldn't need an O2 emulator to prevent fault code unlike some other bikes.
At least my didn't but i run an EU specs, don't know if e,g Cali specs bikes work different?

However, many years ago and even though the O2 sensor was removed i got the fault code 24 while running pretty hard at constant speed.

I reset the fault code and it never appeared again..

Here's a chart roughly showing what areas Dynojet concider are closed loop.

This is a little bit odd because comparing two generic maps from Dynojets homepage, one with O2 sensor and one without, both have corrections in the closed loop area..(?)

I imagin, having the O2 sensor connected AND have large compensations in the PC5 map sooner or later might upset the ECU and eventually throw a fault code.

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