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A while ago i had some idiot pakistani asshole reverse his 3.5 ton drinks lorry right over my 2006 50th aniversary R1

While i was waiting for the insurance to cough up i bought a 250 honda to get about on.. bad move.. sold it after 200km,,.. useless piece of junk.

Then i decided i needed a similar bike in performance so i bought a brand spanking new cbr 1000rr in repsol colours..

What a let down the cbr is..

i can honestly say it doesnt come near to my R1 in either performance or handling or even looks.. I just ave no faith in it while im over on the corners.. feels like its gonna let go ( have played a lot with the set up ) its no where near as quick as my R1.. there is a huge difference. midrange is a bit better on the blade but theres no " oh my god call me scotty im hitting warp speed " like there is on the R1.. no WOW factor. No oh my god i need to change my underwear like the R1

So now the blade is up for sale. im very dissapointed in it..

Insurance has finally coughed up today... went and got the parts from yamaha direct this afternoon.. dropping them off at the bike shop tommorow morning.... Hopefully back on the R1 Monday fingers crossed. ( i use for work )

Good to be back guys..
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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