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I didn't wanna jump into the cat fight going on in the other thread. My ex g/f's uncle down in Florida scratch built his own version of the Boss Hoss - he lives 10 minutes from Daytona and works for Crane cams, this certainly makes it easier, but I'll tell you some real cool shit about the bike and my take on it...

I saw this bike the first time 2 years ago when it was literally a pile of steel on a hand-made work bench, made to support the 1200 pound machine. When I saw it, the bike cnosisted of an electra glide front end (double disc brakes needed, thus elctra glide) that was suspended from the ceiling beam in the garage with a 1.5ton come along!!! The engine was a ford 302 HO with a crane cam, roller rockerized with all sorts of goodies. The engine was propped up on its own pedestal, no frame existed at this point. the rear wheel was machine out of what was originally a bronco wheel with an Avon 230 tire. The radiator was propped up in place, but not suspended. An electric water pump replaced the belt driven pump and the transmission (COOLEST FUCKING IDEA) was made of of a SUbaru brat tranny, since it is angle drive. This was a tough part to figure out - so mark built a template for a mounting block and then fabricated it out of titanium, it fastens the tranny directly to the motor and then has the 90 degree angle drive where the chain cog was installed. No swing arm, no frame, no headers...

The bike has evolved and is now driveable and rolling on its own. Headers were custom hand fabricated by mark on an industrila pipe bender used at a construction job! The frame and swingarm were built out of square stock steel - radiator (High Perf. aluminum) was permanently affixed and the stretched harley tanks and bob-tail fender (widened) were installed. The come along was removed and the rolling bike is now ridden along the strip in daytona and is the envy of most boss hoss riders, since A) It cost mark about a total of 6,000 and a SHIT LOAD of his own man hours
and B) The bike has 3 speeds - most hoss's are 1 or 2 speed.

I will say this - at over 1200 pounds, the bike is a fucking rack! It is overly heavy and impossible to drag around, therefore you really have to be careful where you park! It handles like shit and with all the engine torque the entire machine flexes when you rev it, it is very scary to ride, since it's just so damned heavy and honestly is prett useless in handling terms....However:

It is COOL AS SHIT and is very impressive to look at and watch on the road. The fact that mark scratch built it is nothing short of amazing, and i give the guy mad credit -since I saw this thing transform from an idea on a cocktail napkin to a real life HAND MADE tangible OBJECT, I am in awe, and this is one of the coolest bikes I've seen. I continue to be dedicated to sport bikes though, despite having owned 2 harleys in the past, and not to worry boys, I won't be selling my R1 anyimte soon. However if I do win the lottery and come into some free time, you'd bet your ass I'd love to accomplish somethnig like mark has, in literally scratch buildnig his own boss hoss. kudos if you're reading this

ps =- I have a pic of the bike saved on my hard drive - I can either email to anyone that requests it OR if someone teaches me how to attach a picture, I'll post it. Please let me know:eek:

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Good for him, I am always a fan of anyone that takes the time to build something for themselfs........ :rock
I do not have the know how to build something like the R1 so I bought one...... and will throw parts at it to make it pretty, and go fast..... :cool:

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