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Hey, so I removed a pipe from next to the oil filter to spray the bit stickout out the engine with engine enamel to freshen it up. When I put it back in turns out an O-Ring come off! Just had an engine rebuild, so i'm scared now!

Just put new oil in obviously as I had this pipe out. Started it up, and noticed the white on the oil level glass. Drained it out and it was milky brown, so a good amount of coolant had mixed.

Drained out the coolant and the oil. Fixed that pipe and did pressure test on coolant system, all fine now.

Steps take to clean out coolant:
  • Filled bike with old oil, then drained this out.
  • Filled bike with different old oil, let it run for a minute or two, drained this out.
  • Filled it with fresh oil.

With the fresh oil that is only a tiny bit of moisture on the glass and the oil cap, but oil now looks normal colour and now white. Am I safe? Or should I do more to make sure all water is out!?
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