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could my yamaha dealer made a mistake?!

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i picked up my new bike last saturday and a few things look fishy in the paperwork

now im not one to complain but...

i bought my bike on a yamaha card. i put 4 down and financed 7,700. i can see the balance on my yamaha card online, but they NEVER took a downpayment from me. i thought maybe i was trippen but i looked and double checked my receipts and it says my unpaid balance is 7.7. could my yamaha dealer have been so blatantly stupid that they saved me 4k on a new bike? what are the chances of this? what would you do.

they havnt touched my bank account <still the same as the day i walked in> and my yamaha card was charged the correct 7.7k... did i get super luckY? haha i wonder... please leave some recommendations on what to do. i have never bought a new vehicle and maybe i am wrong. maybe i will get a seperate bill for my downpayment in the mail?

-howard, r1 noob.
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its obviously going to catch up to you at somepoint if your in the wrong.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but these days its not I saw it first its
yeah they will figure it out. Stop down there and ask for the owner, pull him aside and tell him. Then ask for something free or a major discount on parts. The honesty will get ya something for sure!!!
Do you have a receipt for the $4000 you were supposed to put down? If not, you still owe it.
pay it now before they try to send you to collections and screw up your credit history!
Go buy more bikes from them and sell them for 8k a pop
What does your invoice say? Is the $4000 showing? I bet that they just haven't deposited the check YET. I wouldn't go spending the $4000 because when the Down payment check clears you'll bounce checks all over the place.
How long has it been since you wrote the check?
The check will eventually get processed. There is no time limit on how lomg they can wait to cash your check. If you signed the check, they go tthe rights to your 4g's.
Falcon1 said:
What does your invoice say? Is the $4000 showing? I bet that they just haven't deposited the check YET. I wouldn't go spending the $4000 because when the Down payment check clears you'll bounce checks all over the place.
How long has it been since you wrote the check?
What he said. Checks often take a long time to process, especially if they maybe only deposit checks once per week or something like that. You might have just missed their bank dropoff, had to wait a week to do the next one, and then still take a few days for the check to clear. What the other guys said is what I'd do: Go down and try to talk to the owner or one of the higher ups, see what the deal is, especially if they don't get to you in another week or so. But I would NOT count on that 4000 stayin in your account.
wow thanks for all the replies. actually i didnt write them a check i asked them if they could put it on my atm card and they said yes. they never took my card. its been actually close to a week now < last saturday i bought it> and the charges have not been posted on my account. i think they totally forgot. i have a receipt saying that the remaining balance i owe is 7.2 <plus my 500 deposit> and it shows my yamaha card account #. its signed by me and the dealer gave me a copy. i have no problem with paying the 4k, however if im not legally forced to pay it, i wont <im no sucker>. would it hurt if i just did nothing and waited? i mean worse case scenario they ask me to pay the down right? of course im not gonna go and spend it just in case... but what would it hurt if i sit on this for a month? or would it really be better off to just go in? i mean its 4k. i could do a lot to the new bike with that!
BTW the invoice DOES show i payed the down payment and my deposit, however it doesnt say what i used. it says "remaining balance 7.2k" b/c i put a 500 deposit down earlier. the only thing shown is that i am financing the remainder on my yamaha card. also my yamaha card shows 7.2 for financed amount, and the initial 500 i put down, totalling out to saying i owe only 7.7k.
No checks?

I"d wait too...

Hell,5 years ago, ( a little history relevant here) I phoned my bank to clear a personnal loan I had;I met the bank manager the same day my payment was due;I mentioned to him that the payment was due that day and he mumbled something...bottom line,they never charged me for that month,and we"re talking about a freakin bank!

If it's ATM, then yeah, I'd wait a month or so. :D Hell, if they don't charge you after a month, then I would think they wouldn't. Especially if they never even took your ATM card; they won't have your card number, hence no way to charge you, and then you just have to wait and see if they realized their slip and you get a call saying "uhhh, we uhhh, never got your card number. Can you bring it down and let us charge you 4 grand tomorrow? " :D And then you say, okay, you got me.
did they ever scan your card? Did you sign any other paperwork that you don't have copies of? If the receipt says you paid (but theres no record of how you paid) you could say you just gave me 4K cash and tell them to figure it out (implying that they lost that 4K).

Its not the most ethical thing to do, but it might work.

It may never even get back to you if their accounting dpt is sloppy. don't count on it though.
WTF?? If they never received the 4K down payment, not going in to remedy this of your own accord is no better than stealing the money. But I'm sure mine will be the unpopular opinion.
THe 4000 grand won't show on the card because you said you only financed 7700, right? The 4000 goes to the dealer if you gave it to them!
Well unless u have a receipt from them signed by the sales manager saying u paid 4 grand in cash or atm or check they can take u to court to collect that money. I can't see their accounting department missing this. If they do, that dealership wont' be in business too much longer:fact If your sales guy was cool with u, then give him a call and talk to him. Let him handle everything, and when u come in to pay off the 4 grand tell him, "remember how honest I am, remember me when I come in for another bike." He should give u a nice discount
as soon as you spend the $4000, you will get a bill for it:fact
Just wait and see...don't move a finger...you might be the damn luckiest guy and got a huge discount ;)
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