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Crash Fixation

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Hey all I went down lane splitting in North San Diego this last Wednesday. I had 2012 fairings and it would cost twice as much as just doing 09 fairings. I am thinking of doing hotbodies full race fairings with and HID/LED mounted in the nose. If you have done this or know someone that has let me know! Need ideas!
MAIN CONCERN-scraped a hole in my tank and wondering how I can fix it for 100 or less. otherwise I'd just get a new one. Any help/info would be appreciated!


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Glad you are ok. I would replace the tank. I am pretty sure you can get it repaired, but I don't see it being anywhere near $100, especially if you want it to look pretty.

Welcome to the forum. Wish it was under better circumstances.
ok, just bought one. What about race fairings and LED/HID...any ideas?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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