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DAMN!!! First ride on my 02!!!

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Just got home from the dealer with my silver baby! Unfortunately it's foggy and misting here today so I only rode 4 miles :( However, in those 4 miles I discovered what an awesome machine this is. Keep in mind that my previous bike was a 96 GSX-R 750. The R1's power delivery simply stomps all over the the Gixxers. The riding position is very comfortable but the clutch pull seems a little heavy. It will probably lighten up a little I'm sure. The running lights look way cool and the exhaust note is actually kind of agressive for a stock can. I can't really comment on the fuel injection other than to say it works. It will take a fair amount of time in the saddle before I can really comment on it. But what really blew my mind was the unbelievable torque! :rock I never even revved it above 6500 but the hit is just awesome. I can't wait for some better weather and to get the bike broken in. Some videos will be coming when the roads clear up and I can get down to some serious corner carving :thumbup Until then I'll be gently breaking this monster machine in. See ya on the streets!

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My feelings about my silver 02 R1 almost mirror yours perfectly, that and I learned how to do 1st gear wheelies mighty quick...:rock

I just made 600 miles on mine, so Im about to do the 1st service, then ITS ONN!!!!!:thumbup
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