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Gurney's Alligator Gets a V-Twin!
By Kevin Duke

When racing icon Dan Gurney unveiled the production version of his innovative Alligator to the world early in 2003, many motorcyclists didn't know what to think of such an unusual design, what with its super-low seat height and scooterish appearance.

Regardless, all 36 examples of the limited-edition A6 Alligator were snapped up by collectors and enthusiasts. Powered by a hopped-up Honda 650cc Single, the carbon-fibered oddities turned many heads for its unconventional design that dramatically lowered the center of gravity. But while its acceleration off the line was as quick as anything, the Honda Single left some wanting more.

When we last spoke to the Gurneys (Dan's son Justin is Alligator's general manager), they mentioned they were investigating other powertrain options. "We're looking at other possibilities," Justin hinted a couple of years ago.

Now, about 50 years after Gurney entered his first car race, he and his capable crew have fitted a big-inch S&S V-Twin to the diminutive and unique design of the Alligator.

Although only its initial stage of development, the S&S 'Gator has obviously been heavily re-engineered to accept the 111 cubic-inch V-Twin and six-speed transmission. The narrow, rubber-mounted engine has been placed extremely low in the chassis, and problems about mounting a fuel tank over the tall motor has been solved by incorporating a 5-gallon tank into the tailsection. Another key change from the original Alligator is the ultra-long beam-like swingarm that appears to pivot through a modified transmission, keeping the original 'Gator's 60.0-inch wheelbase intact.

At the time of this writing, riding evaluations have yet to be undertaken. There are three prototypes of this configuration currently under construction, and two of them will have even larger 124-cubic-inch motors. The bike seen here has been stripped of bodywork, but there are three different bodywork versions presently being designed.

Despite a hefty claimed weight of 498 pounds, this new Alligator promises stellar acceleration. Magazine tests of the 65-horsepower A6 showed an excellent 3.1-second 0-60-mph time and an unbeatable 0-30-mph time of just 1.1 second. Without the weight of a rider perched up high contributing to a high center of gravity (and inevitable wheelies), the Alligator gets out of the hole as if shot out of a gun.

Consider, then, the extra grunt offered by 2032cc V-Twin compared to the original single-cylinder Alligator. It doesn't take a lot of thought to image 0-60 times well below the 3-second mark, with enough extra power on top to produce quarter-mile runs in less than 11 seconds.

Style-wise, the long and low Alligator is always going to have its detractors ("That's not a motorcycle!"), but with the advent of big power and new bodywork to the package, the S&S Alligator is going to have a difficult time being ignored.





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looks like a bike with a seat in that style would have a VERY comfortable riding position in terms of cruising. Plus full back support! Now only if they made some that looked just a 'little' nicer I'd get one for commuting to work for sure :fact

can you imagine trying to lean in to turns real deep on that!! seems like fun... like riding a Big Wheel from when we were 2 years old, except it only has 2 wheels haha

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When Motorcyclist test rode it, they said the hanling was phenomenal. With such a centralized center of mass, it is really flickable. Here is a pic of the one at Barber.

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