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Desperate help

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just picked up my 99 r1. rpm gauge stays at 4k when on even when driving. But the main problem is i believe the charging system is bad or a bad connection. brand new battery good connections has left me stranded twice. Will be riding at the gauges will start blinking on and off. I have found two wires that aren't connected any help?
the first pic is the blue and red striped wire. cut at the bottom of the pic hard to tell. its from the front left wiring harness it looks like it was cut but i cant find the other part..?
the second one is on the left side near under the tank. Thanks!


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Here are the R1 error codes:

3000 rpms: Throttle Position Sensor
7000 rpms: EXUP related
8000 rpms: fuel level indicator light

Does your needle cycle from zero to 4k to current rpm's?

I believe the blue plug goes to your kickstand switch. Not going to give you problems unless the jumper is bad. Does your bike shut off when the kickstand is down with the bike in gear? The blue/red wire, I believe, goes to your tail/brake lights.

Check your stator connector under the seat on the left side of the bike. It will have 3 white wires and connects to your rectifier/regulator. They like to burn up. I'd also check your main switch(key). There's a plug under the left fake carbon piece. Unplug it, turn your key on and check continuity on both circuits. One is for main power and the other runs through your starting circuit cut off relay to your ignition(CDI) unit. If you're confused, send me a PM with your phone number and a good time to call.

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it doesnt cycle from 0-4k rpms so i dont think its a code. I found the recifier it is kinda between the seat and the fuel tank. I wont worry about the unconnected wires then. Tailight is aftermarket and i dont mind the kickstand switch being off. Just hope the strator isn't bad. Ill check the wires tomorrow
to follow up on this. took the tank off found a wire melted that wasnt connected anymore. the 3 white wire plug. ran wire and bypassed the plug bike charges perfectly now. rpm gauge still bounces at 4700 or so and once in a while will go to 600 then back up. weird
check the connection is good to the back of the gauge. If it's bouncing to a specifioc rpm it is a fault.
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