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Boys and Girls,

I just recieved my Devil Highmount for my Blue 2001, OH MY WORD WHAT A STUPIDLY SEXY PIECE OF KIT !!!!!!!

Took a couple of hours to fit as I was quite stoned at the time but hell was it worth it, I just love the way the rear foot peg fits back onto the bike with all the nice new brackets you get with the kit...

It sounds fantastic and completely transforms the arse end of the bike, micro Indicators are a must but they are only 15 quid (20 bucks)...:rock

Haven't got a digi-cam yet so you'll just have to use your imagination...

Anyway for all you lot out there wanting high mounts I suggest (and excuse me for this god) you go with the Devil...

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I was going to get Devil, but not the high mount but the Ovo low mount.

Went with Leovince instead...I didn't want my bike to sound too loud and after I listened to those sound clips taht they have there I decided not to go with Devil. But I love those pipes though!
R1DER said:
Took a couple of hours to fit as I was quite stoned at the time
:crash I was too - no words and just pictures for directions made it even better:confused: Wasn't that bad though!
I've had mine on for about 700 miles and my girlfriend says that my bike gets louder everytime I come home, and I thought it was just in my head:rock :rock :rock
Is there a web site where we can see the "devil" in action? I'm intrested to see some pics. By the way naked man that pic/cartoon is [email protected]#%ing funny shit
what naked man and yeah i want to hear a devil too
Sorry "Nude Rider" I didn't think "Naked Man" was too hard to figure out:thumbup
what nude rider are you talking about?
the guy right above my original post
Oh by the way speedfreak I was in Salt Lake this weekend I drove all the way out there to see Carmichael kick some ass. And He didn't let me down:rock That is one beautiful city you live in, a little boring though
sweet bro! yeah i didnt get to go cause my friend had a talent show. lol. what can i say im a supportive dude. Now i know someone to ride with if i ever come out to Co.
Yea that would be cool. And I think were both beginners right? So maybe we won't get eachother killed:thumbup
word! get a hold of me too.......I would enjoy riding with other forum peps!:rock
Dude I live in The springs too :rock See man same city we gotta go riding together
no sh&$? do you ever ride with the notorious SPRINGS BOYZ? I am waiting for a few back-ordered parts...I should be up in the second week of May....if not, I am going to be pisssssseddd:machinegu
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