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I have ridden in snow on my R6, R1 and FZ1.
An R6 story: Was riding and the snow looked liked hyperspace from star wars. The optical illusion made it feel like I wasn't moving, but I was. I thought I would wreck from the feeling not the snow.:bandit
An R1 story: Had to ride home (normally 15 minutes) in some snow, the roads had about an inch of slush on them. It took me about an hour to get home. When I first got my 02 R1 in Feb 02 it was warmer (40) but was raining. Then the next day it was down to 15, I went to ride it to class and the rotors had frozen and the key wouldn’t turn. I had to get a hair dryer to thaw out the ignition. This has happened on my FZ1 many times, especially after I washed it the other day when it was about 35. The next morning I fired up the kerosene heater to thaw the bike out this time.:bash
FZ1 stories: 1) Once I was trying to go up a hill in the snow, the road was too slippery so I steered off into a roadside concrete culvert that had sand accumulated in it; this gave me enough traction to make it up. 2) Another time I was riding it wasn't snowing but it was so cold my face shield froze over and I had to stop and scrape my frozen breath out because I couldn't see. 3) This winter I rode thinking that it wouldn't snow anymore that day. I stayed in the clear paths formed on the road from cars and went to work. It then snowed more and I tried to leave after I got off. I had to waddle my bike and rock it through the parking lot and down the road about a hundred yards until I gave up and paddled back to the store, and got a ride home.
My buddy and his FZR: He lives way out in the country and road his FZR down his snowed over roads with his feet out like skies. I think it took him 1.5 hours to get to work (normally about 25 minutes). That seemed a little extreme to me, I am not even sure how he got it up his steep driveway.:dunno

I find it ironic that when the roads get bad people in cars drive so slow that I can actually catch up to them my bike. I wonder if they feel kind of silly that they suck at driving so bad a motorcycle caught up to them on icy and snowy roads? My g/f is afraid of driving in the snow too, and I tell her that if I can get around on 2 wheels she should be able to manage it on four.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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