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Difference between Akra evolution and racing?

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Hey guys,
What is the difference between Akrapovic's Racing line, and Evolution line for exhaust?
Thanks, :thumbup
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The Evo line is a full Titanium system (Titanium/Carbon muffler and headers), the Racing line has stainless steel headers and Titanuim/Carbon Fiber muffler.

The Evo system is a couple of pounds lighter, but performance gains are the same. Someone made a post here however, that the Evo system may require custom fitting on some bikes, but I didn't have that problem with my F4i.
I have them both here in front of me, and. they are identical in configuration. the evo being ti & the race being stainless. Both have the tapered mid section, and are 4-2-1 unlike previous 4-1 systems. You have a choice of ti or carbon cans. As far as fitment they are usually awesome. but ill let you know this evening.
We have them both in stock.

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Hey guys, I put on the acro evo on my 02R1, it fit awesome, and boy does it look sweet ! Its going to need a little mapping, but Holy Shit Does this puppy haul ass now. I should be able to get back with some top end numbers after the weekend.
there is a small difference

i found out the hard way that there is a difference in the two pipes. the titanium pipe has a slighltly larger opening in the canister (end that connects to the mid-pipe) the headpipes are the same but the mids are different and the canisters are as well.
Hey Guys,
Thanks for all the usefull info. Excited to hear the results from your bikes!:thumbup
Hey SHRAKE sorry but you need to reaquire your data. I believe you might be mixing up some pre 02 stuff into the comparison. If you check lockhart part #s for the YZF 2002 they are as follows. 424-6762 for the carbon evo titanium. and 424-6517 for the carbom race stainless. You will find they both come with identical canisters Part #M-TCE2. Please let us know how you came up with the dimensional differences. Im wondering if they have a third exhaust that the mid pipe has a constant cross sectional dimension.
sorry about that on the 02

you may be right about that. my experience was with a pre 02. i had two systems..a stianless and a titanium. the canister for the titanium was damaged so it had to go back for return. i attampted to install the stainless canister on the titanium and discovered that they were different. and when i received the new canister back it was for the stainless(by mistake) and not the titanium. therefore, i had two canisters for a stainless system and not one that whould fit the titanium mid-pipe. sorry about the confusion..just my experience and i don't konw #[email protected]!% about the part numbers. :D
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