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After my last bike sale and move I found myself shopping for a new front stand. I have always had Pit Bull stands in the past so I was looking for another one. I found one at a local shop for what seemed to be a little over priced $260 and decided to check eBay and see what I could find. I found someone selling new DMP front stands for $116 shipped to my door. The photos looked good so I thought I'd give it a shot. After I made the purchase I got an email from the seller saying sorry this does not ship to Hawaii. oops! of course it doesn't. I eventually convinced the seller to ship it USPS parcel post for an additional $13.00 this just meant I would need to wait a few weeks for it to come over on the boat. Well it showed up the other day and I was pleased to discover it was actually a decent stand and seemed to be well made. It also came with 5 different pins so I can use it for several bikes. I tried it out and it works just fine.
I did have one minor problem. The pin for my Yamaha seemed to be quite long which made it difficult to insert or remove the stand without hitting the top of the fender with the stand. I solved this by cutting of about 1/2 inch off the pin with my cut off saw. Problem solved and now it works great. This may not be a problem on previous years but it seems a little cramped for space on the 2009 R1. Id say if you are in the market for an affordable stand DMP is a good option.

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